• Apr 13, 2017 - 22:43

I am presently working with a Big Band template and finding that as the files get lager, a situation develops whereby previous scored passages of score are dropping out, as newer additional ones are added. The physical data is recorded and remains on file but the audible sound is eliminated. This leads me to suspect the memory (presently 4gb) to be insufficient. I can double the size to 8 gigs but my question is, will it be enough or for that matter is this the answer to the problem???
This upgrade will be around $100 alternately a new similar type computer with a larger RAM will cost about $700, which I don't want to spend unless really necessary Has anyone else had this problem?? Your advise would be appreciated,



Hmm, I'm not saying it's impossible this is what's happening, but it seems unlikely to me that insufficient RAM would lead to the symptoms you describe. A slowdown in processing, yes. Stuttering during playback, yes. A crash, maybe. But not sections just dropping out. I'm guessing that is for some unrelated reason. In order to say more, though, we'd need to see the score and steps to reproduce the problem.

If you erased a few slurs and rewritten it, and you have a few copy-paste from this point, your score may include some invisible elements. These elements can also multiply themselves (because they are problematic).
If you are able to attach your score here, Some expert friends on the forum can help. (If your score is bigger than 2MB, zip it before adding.)

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