How can I copy chords to another voice?

• Apr 14, 2017 - 14:07

Hey people,

I was wondering how I could save time writing the same chords out for all the different instruments.
When I copy all the notes then i can do so, but say I want to just copy the chords without having to re-write the melody - how would that be possible?



If you mean chord symbols: I think you can't copy them without the nones/chors/rests they are attached to.
You could duplicate the targe staff, copy the source to target, remove all notes, copy the notes accros from the other staff then delete that

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@Joni Melodica, an experiment (not sure if useful).
Target Measures: Edit/Voices -> exchange Voice 1-4;
Copy the Source Measures and paste on target;
Target Measures: Edit/Voices -> exchange Voice 1-4;
Right click a Voice 4 note, or rest, Select ->More -> Same Voice ->Del.

You cannot do it for a group unless you also select and replace the melody notes.

Individually, you can select each chord symbol and then select the note you want to apply it to.

The note does not have to be the same.

You definitely *can* do this, it's been possible since the original 2.0 release.

1) select the chord symbols you want to copy (eg, select a range of measures, right click on chord symbol, Select / All Similar Elements in Range Selection)
2) Ctrl+C
3) Click the first note/rest of the place you want to copy those chord to
4) Ctrl+V

Works perfectly. If there are existing chord symbols that conflict with the new ones, they are replaced, just as you'd expect. Doesn't matter if the rhythms of the notes are the same or not - the copy/paste code places the chord symbols at the same *time positions* regardless of the notes. There don't even have to be notes there at all.

Try it!

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Thanks Shoichi!

It looks really cool.

I was able to copy a series of chords.
But I couldn't discover the secret to copying chords + diagrams together.

I could even figure out how to copy a series of diagrams. :(

I selected a series of diagrams and then did 'copy'.
Then tried selecting a rest in the bar, a diagram, bar line... and paste but nothing happened.

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You keep in mind that music, computer science and English are 'dark matter' for me.
Don't look at the formal aspect, they are randomly inserted elements. See the attachment.

If the full copy is not good for you, right-click Diagrams, select All Similar Elements (and various options) press Del.



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Looks like diagrams can only be copied one at a time, or else as part of a whole range selection. Feel free to submit an official feature request via the issue tracker to allow fretboard diagrams to be copied when multiply-selected, as is already possible for chord symbols.

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I understand that you want to copy the chord sequence to the staff for another instrument, right?
(Voices are something different in MuseScore wording. Take a look at the manual to understand what I mean)
What I regularly do, and that might also be helpful for your problem:
When I start transcribing I fill voice 4 with invisible quarter rests and attach the chords to these rests. This creates a visually empty staff showing just the chord sequence.
This staff could be easily duplicated to solve your problem.
For me the main advantage is that I can write transcibed notes into voice 1-3, play around with notes and chords independently, delete or move them as I like without losing the chord symbols. Or I can print an incomplete sheet with partly empty measures to continue with pencil and eraser.

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"I understand that you want to copy the chord sequence to the staff for another instrument, right?"

Not quite.

I would like to work with the same staff and same instrument and copy the chords + diagrams
from say bars 10-16 to bars 20-26, etc. (sometimes 2-3 diagrams per bar).

I like your idea of hiding the rests and showing only the chords. I didn't know I could make the rests invisible. I will go back and see if I can accomplish this.

"This staff could be easily duplicated to solve your problem."

I don't want to duplicate a complete staff, but rather several bars (of chords + diagrams) in a staff.


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Copy certain bars: Mark the source bars (e.g. 10-16), copy, mark the destination bars (20-26), paste. That easy.
Make rests invisible: click on a rest to select it, click v (like 'visible') to toggle visible/invisible state, click right arrow / left arrow to procede to the next / previous rest (or note). To speed it up prepare a number of bars like that and duplicate them via copy / paste.

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OK I see my mistake now. Silly me!

I was copying first and THEN bringing up the filter after to select/de-select what I wanted pasted.

When I brought up the filter FIRST, then selected/de-selected what I wanted and then copied/pasted...
voila. It worked! :)

Order of operations are important!

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