Deleting Blank Bars

• Nov 14, 2012 - 09:25

I can't delete blank bars at the end of my score. I've tried shift click delete and ctrl click delete but neither works. How can I resolve this issue?


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I'm guessing you are looking under Edit, look under Tools instead (such is the downside of relying on seven-year-old threads, if you did a search to find this one, better to keep looking to find something more recent). And the current name is Remove Selected Range, if you have the latest version (3.2.3 as of today, will be 3.3. soon).

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On PC, it's ctrl-del. On Mac, it might not be. since many (most? all?) Mac keyboards don't have a true delete key. Instead, the key marked delete actually functions as backspace. On some Macs (many? most? all?), Fn-Delete will do a true delete. So I might expect Ctrl-Fn-Delete to do the job. Or maybe Cmd-Fn-Delete, since Mac uses Cmd for many of the things PC uses Ctrl for.

Would you mind if I troubled you?

I downloaded a midi file, saved it as a musescore file and is all a mess. I am trying to sort it out and cannot delete one of the staves, trying various things. I would be grateful if you could help



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