right / left hand marks (for keyboards)

• Nov 22, 2012 - 10:59
S5 - Suggestion

I'd like to find in the fingerings palette two more symbols:

r.h. (right hand)
l.h. (left hand)

That's very common in piano notation.
The texts should be anchored to a note/chord in one voice.

The problem is that every editor uses a different abbreviation depending on the national language.
Those are the ones I've seen:
*Italian: m.s. / m.d. (usually preferred over others)
*German: r.h / l.h
*French: m.d. / m.g.
*Russian: п.p. / л.p. (I'm not sure though)
*Spanish: m.d. / m.i.

Simply adding 2 more fingerings would be easy. Putting a setting that said which language to use maybe not.
... So maybe we should add only the Italian versions, sincethey're the most widespread and "neuter".

Here's a related request, but both aren't "mutually exclusive".
#16279: L-shaped sign for hand distribution (piano)

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Musescore 2.0 will let you define any text in the score and put it in the palette. It looks like a more flexible solution and can solve this feature request no?