Added key signature disappears after view change if its courtesy key is invisible

• Apr 22, 2017 - 07:44
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S4 - Minor

When changing from page view to continuous view and back, the key signature that had been changed during the piece and been made invisible is being deleted (jumping back to original key signature) hence destroying the most of the work. only an undo fixes the problem.
to reprodcue:
1. change key signature in the middle of the piece in a new staff.
2. make the courtesy key signature in the staff above (now in the end of the staff) invisible.
3. change to continuous view/
4. change back to page view

GIT commit: 3c7a69d


tried. it is still the case.
I have to add that the problem is there even without making the courtesy key signature invisible.


Title invisible key signature dissapears after view change Invisible key signature disappears after view change

Very former issue. Fundamentaly, I see this behaviour (when courtesy key signature is made invisible, then toggle Continuous View and return in Page View, leads to the lost of the added key signature) until May 2014.

I note a few other changes over time, for example, until about mid-October 2014, when the key signature is invisible, this leads to its disappearition in the middle of a score (eg, a score for flute in measure 19) . But not after a line break, eg in measure 5.

There are also other unexpected behaviors: sometimes I have to add the new key signature to the end of the first system to get both time signature and key courtesy.

Otherwise, by adding the key signature at the beginning of the second system, it jumps to the next measure (second of the second system, and therefore no courtesy key)
I guess this is due to former bugs now solved.

On the other hand, basically, I repeat, the first behavior is permanent (toggle between different Views -> added key sig is lost)

Title Invisible key signature disappears after view change Added key signature disappears after view change if its courtesy key is invisible

A test file (treble clef template, with 2.1 R.C., ditto with 2.0.3):
key sig1.mscz
EDIT: after undo, and by reverting the courtesy key sig visible, the issue remains after toggles in Continuous/Page views.
But from scratch, no issue (so, if the courtesy key is kept visible)

Changing any attribute of the courtesy signature turns off the "generated" flag, causing us to not see this as truly a courtesy signature any more in some of the places we check. Probably other bad effects would result from this too.