cutting large amounts of rests

• Apr 28, 2017 - 18:29

Hello, i am attempting to write a piece of music for the first time and i have no idea how to cut large numbers of rests. It is probably a simple answer but i cannot find an answer in the tutorial.
Thank you for help!


You probably need to upload your score using the the file attachments below with a little more explanation.

My guess is that you have a multi measure rest. If that's the case then press M and they will become measure rests where you can enter notes.

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It's related to what I said - voices use separate "logics" and as you are using more than one voice, each voice shows it's rest.

You can remove voice 2 rests by selecting and deleting them, you can make voice 1 rests by selecting and using "v" and then select and adjust remaining rests via up/down arrows.

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Indeed there are multiple voices involved, and the most part, if you really want those multiple voices, you pretty much need to show most of the rests, otherwise the rhythms will be incorrect. The question is, do you really meant to use multiple voices. I'm guessing you in imported a MIDI file you recorded yourself. You might want to re-record it, being more careful about the rhythms so you don't need multiple voices in the first place.

My guess is that you may be using voice 2(or3 or 4) and therefore the unremovable voice 1 rests are remaining.

As above, please attach the score so we won't have to guess.

I agree: the multiple voice use is confusing. Just for example, I saw a whole note and a half note followed by the same pitch note. I also saw some really simple things that did not require multi-voice at all.


I do think you're asking about deleting the multiple pages of empty measures.
Select the first measure you want to delete in the top staff.
Hit 'end' (to go to last page).
Shift-click the last measure in the bottom staff (this should select all the empty bars).
go to Edit>Measures>Delete Selected Measures.

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