Extend [Left] & [Right] to work from elements other than notes and chord/rests

• Dec 27, 2012 - 20:32
S5 - Suggestion

If an element other than a note or a chord/rest is selected, like an articulation, an accidental, a text, a fingering, the commands to move to the previous or next element ([Left] / [Right]) are ineffective. In fact, when one of those elements is selected, a mouse click is the only way to select anything else.

The proposal is to extend the functionality of the [Left] and [Right] commands to move the selection to the previous or next chord from as many types of elements as possible.

This would be useful in particular after adding one of those elements; for instance an articulation just added is selected and resuming editing on notes requires a mouse click disrupting the work flow.




Pull request filed on Github: https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/pull/156

Implements "next-chord" / "prev-chord" / "next-measure" / "prev-measure" actions not only from notes/chord-rests but from any element whose parent is a note, a chord-rest or a segment as: accidentals, articulations, bar lines, clefs, figured bass, lyrics, key and time signatures, images and symbols, some texts and so on.

"next-chord" moves to the parent note (or the topmost chord of the parent segment and to the topmost note of the parent chord) of the element; the other actions move from there.

Not implemented for elements attached to a whole staff or system, like boxes or breaks.