Metronome emphasizing wrong beat in some cases when using real-time (automatic) note input

• May 4, 2017 - 21:19
Reported version
S4 - Minor

When starting real-time input using the real-time advance shortcut (via MIDI) the metronome emphasizes the second beat of each measure instead of the first one.

GIT commit: 871c8ce


Actually, I think it seems to depend on what beat you started on. I don't have a MIDI keyboard handy to test for real, but when I try using the built-in Piano Keyboard window, it seems to be that way. So if you start entry at the beginning of the measure, the sound is what you expect, but if you happen to begin note entry with beat 2, then it's beat 2 that gets the emphasis. Is that consistent with what you are seeing as well?

You're right, in most cases it seems to depend on the beat I start on (which does not make sense either).
When using MIDI with option "Advance on release" unchecked (this options seams to do just the opposite of what I would expect it to do) it's always the second beat, no matter where I start from.

Hi, I have the same issue (revision OS: Windows , Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (32-bit): 2.2.1, revision: 51b8386), but I have the emphasis always on the second beat, no matter where I start the advance (regardless of the status of the "Advance on release" checkbox.

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