Stroke of acciaccatura collides with ledger lines

• Jan 8, 2013 - 19:41
S4 - Minor

1. Open attached MSCZ (produced in 1.2).

Result: The stroke of the acciaccatura collides with the ledger lines (see attached PDF).

Discussion: Page 126 of 'Behind Bars' (by Elaine Gould) makes a recommendation.

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (1778f37) - Mac 10.7.5.


This continues to be an issue in 2.0 Beta 1.

The problem might be better described as the stem of a multiple ledger line acciaccatura being too short. Once manually lengthened into the staff, I find that the cross-stroke can be correctly re-positioned by selecting it and using CTRL+R.

Framing this issue as one of stem length would describe a problem affecting all single 'grace notes' that fall on or within multiple ledger lines. While the cross-stroke problem is unique to the acciaccatura, the stem length problem is shared by all of them except where there's more than one grace note of the same type and they're beamed. (In this last instance, it could actually be argued that the beam is a bit too high and the stem lengths need to be shortened instead of lengthened.)