4-bar systems

• May 6, 2017 - 19:47

Hi everyone,
I want the piece I'm working on (which, amazingly enough, isn't jazz) to be written in such a way that each system is divided into exactly 4 bars. This is important because it follows the inner logic of the music. Question is, how do I do this? I looked at previous conversations on this subject but it seems the answers do not apply to the current version of Musescore. Can you guys enlighten me please? Cheers!


Note this allows you to force MuseScore to put *fewer* measures per lien than it otherwise would, but not *more* - just like line breaks in a word processor allow fewer words on a line than the default. If you want *mroe* (either measures in MuseScore or words in a word processor) you need to reduce the font size or the spacing. In MuseScore, the former is in Layout / Page Settings (the "Staff space" setting), and the latter is Style / General / Measure (the Spacing setting) - or use Layout / Decrease Stretch to override the default for specific measures.

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