[MusicXML import] Lyricist does not appear in title frame after MusicXML import

• May 7, 2017 - 12:46
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S4 - Minor

Lyricist does not appear after MusicXML import, however correctly displayed in Score Properties.
Attaching a MusicXML file with public domain example -- the traditional Hungarian translation of the 19th Genevan psalm.

GIT commit: 3c7a69d

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Same in 2.1, the lyricist does not get added to the bottom left corner of the title frame.

Just for reference: that XML apparently got created with abc2xml, Version 75

Thanks for the quick reply! I hoped for such a trivial finding :)

Just some short comments about my usage of abc2xml:

It is true that I am using newest abc2xml -- to be honest I am compiling my own LR(1) music notation language to abc and then use abc2xml in order to reach MusicXML. I traditionally compile to Mup, however for interoperability I decided to do this as well.
In the future I am thinking about converting MusicXML to my language and then launching a website.

As far as I see most of my bug reports and feature requests for abc2xml are getting over, so I am investigating MuseScore -- and also MusicXML standart -- a bit closer :) I might come up with some interesting feature requests soon :)