Drum chart problems

Every time I reopen my drum composition all the beams on all the pages except the first disappear and I cant find a way to get them back. Has anyone had this problem before?


Can you attach the score? Which operating system and what version of MuseScore are you using?

K I attached it and I am using version 1.2 and windows 7.

Show Me What I'm Looking For.mscz, 5.54 KB

A couple of things I see:

- looks like you attached the backup version of the score - see the comma at the end. Probably had a period at the beginning too.

- There seems to be a corruption in the score right where the stems disappear. Notice the extra spae at the beginning of that measure? Also, copying the contents of that measure elsewhere produces good results. So I suspet if you deleed the corrupt measures - including, probably the last measure that appears good - you'd have been able to re-enter those bars there. Corruptions happem from time to time, but usually the first sign is a measure that seems to have the wrong nu ber of beats in it. Copy and paste of incomplete measure with triplets in them seems to be one of the risky operations you have to keep your eye on.

Ok thanks

Made a new chart with a different beat and it works fine. I must have done something weird in the first one that messed it up.

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