Why do have I to login TWICE??

• May 12, 2017 - 19:16

The last few days, when I am trying to log in on the Forum I am redirected to some
not relevant site where, when I login, and navigate to the MuseScore Forum, I have to login again.
O.K. That is not a big deal but when I again have to login (!) I get to the forum page I have to login again!!
What is this for stupid procedure???


Hi Joealders,

This sounds indeed like a bug. But apparently the log in procedure did work out as you were capable of posting this post.

I will try to reproduce this behavior and see if this is fixed for the upcoming site upgrade.

Not sure, but maybe it could be helpful to know (and maybe to reproduce the behavior), which internet browser (and which version of the browser) you're using.

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I haven't installed the version 53.0.2. With OpenSuse Leap I only can confirm with firefox (52.1.0) and Opera (45.0.2552.635) the behavior I described: it redirect me to the mentioned link, I've to return to the MuseScore forum again and selecting the login field (without having to enter the username and password again).

I aggree, both (the behavior you describe just as mine shouldn't be)

@everyone I can reproduce it so that is good news. I'm confident this can be fixed on short notice. Keeping you posted. Thanks again for reporting this.

@everyone Please try the login procedure again on musescore.org and let me know if you can still reproduce the problem. Thanks for your help.

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That I can confirm this.
I have to apologize for my "Subject title". At the time I started this thread I was to pissed
that I choose this title. It was not possible for me to change it into a more civilized one afterwards.
I am really sorry for this. The people who are running this site do a really great job!!.
The next time I will first sit on my hands for a few minutes before doing anything.
Perhaps it is a good idea that the thread starter (in this case me) can always have the
possibility to edit his text ,even after he has posted it.

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