Pedal marks not deletable

• Feb 28, 2013 - 04:53
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Graphical (UI)

revision a87ca33 (2/27/13)

Createa pedal mark on staff. Edit pedal mark. Select pedal mark. Press delete.
Expected: pedal mark removed
Actual: no change

As a side note, what happened to line properties for pedal marks? What does a user do to create a
Ped *
notation without a connecting line or hook? Were line properties removed for a reason?


The line properties dialog is back. I guess it has been removed to be moved to Display -> inspector (F8) but it's not done yet.
Pedal marks can be deleted. Thanks for the bug report!

Title Pedal marks not deletable Pedal marks not deletable - once again in 2013

Reading this comment from 2013, the problem appears to be solved. Yet, 3 years later, I found myself with 3 unselectable and undeletable symbol pedals in my score.
Could you please help me?
Have a nice day.

P.S. I checked and this is the very last version.

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Title Pedal marks not deletable - once again in 2013 Pedal marks not deletable

Better use the forum for support requests like this, rather then highjacking a 3 years old issue, which is unratelated at that.
To fix it yourself: add another pedal marking, right-click, select all similar, delete them or just reset their positions. (Hint: they all belong to the 1st measure and have been dragged to where they are now, a different page, which unfortunatly results in them becoming unselectable)

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Sorry about "highjacking" - I just googled it, and it was describing exactly my problem, so I jumped on it :)
Thank you, it worked!

Well, it was not describing the same problem, just one that might have looked similar to you :-)
"not deletable" is not the same thing as "not selectable", although here the latter lead to the former