Create 2 instruments on same clef to separate parts

• Mar 4, 2013 - 15:26

I am using this to write men's a cappella music (modern and barbershop). I'm using the treble/bass staff with the treble lowered an octave.

I've read the manual over and over but still have trouble getting tenor/lead separated on the treble clef and bari/bass separated on the bass clef. Trying to make learning files for musicians to help the learning curve. When I create the instruments how the manual states I am getting 4 clefs (2 treble/ 2 bass).

What am I doing wrong? Thx in advance.


It looks like to separate and play a "Voice" separately it has to be on its own clef. I have 4 male voices on 2 clefs (trable8 and bass). I've been through the manual about a dozen times and have tried every which way. They only was I can set them up properly to mute individual "voices" is to put them on their individual clefs. I can mute 2 parts at a time right now, but can't go further than that.

Help is appreciated, even if this can't be done, I would like to know.

Attached is my staff.

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Hi redoxen23 -

Marc Sabetella wrote the Expode plugin, which you might be able to use to separate the voices onto different staffs. Then you could mute each staff individually. Check out the Plugins link to the right of this web page.

Marc, the plugin documentation says it splits up chords, Does it also work on voices?

Redoxen, you may not want to keep the expoded score as your final version, but if you really need the sound of each voice separately and don't want to retype everything, it may be a way to go.

It's something to try, anyway.


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