Crash on create Chord Name & Harmony Properties dialog and no chord text displayed r1929

• Jul 15, 2009 - 07:41
S4 - Minor

Crash encountered in r1929 self built on Mac OSX.

Can't add Chord Name via Harmony Properties without crashing. No text/symbol is dis displayed, musescore crashes.

Create score.
1. Select first measure rest, right-click and pull up Harmony Properties, choose C Maj., click okay.
Result: No chord text is added
2. Select second measure rest, right-click and pull up Harmony Properties
Result: MuseScore crashes

Crash log attached


I can't reproduce with raymond's steps. Right clicking on the first rest does not bring a Harmony properties menu item.
Can you confirm that ?

But I reproduced the crash on windows wit the followinf steps:

  1. Create Blank leadsheet
  2. Ctrl + K
  3. C
  4. Right click -> Harmony properties
  5. Crash

Mac crash report summary :
0 net.sourceforge.mscore 0x00270024 ChordEdit::ChordEdit(Score*, QWidget*) + 1684
1 net.sourceforge.mscore 0x0026c02a Harmony::propertyAction(QString const&) + 138
2 net.sourceforge.mscore 0x0002a962 Canvas::objectPopup(QPoint const&, Element*) + 1314
3 net.sourceforge.mscore 0x0002bb52 Canvas::mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent*) + 690