MP3 export doesn't work

• Mar 12, 2013 - 07:37
S2 - Critical

When trying to export as MP3, MuseScore asks for the location of lame_emc.dll. Drilling down to that and pointing to such a DLL (lame3.99.5) results in an error:

Error opening lame library
Could not open MP3 encoding library!

Hitting the OK button (which is the only choice) leads to a crash (hence critical).
Same thing happens with any lame_enc.dll I find on my system (there are a few, scatterered all over the place)

Tested with GIT commit: 6c1d0d2on Windows XPpro SP3


I had the same problem, with a lame.dll not "efficient".

the lame_enc.dll, which one you indicate in your link, works now (bigger size) to extract mp3.

If you're on Windows 10 and it's not working, for some reason putting on Windows 8 compatibility mode on for the executable seems to fix the exporting issue. Try also to check the option to start the program as admin. (This is a possible other solution to the problem. Posting for posterity.)