Controls have disappeared from scores on

• Mar 16, 2013 - 09:09
S4 - Minor

Title says it all.

They were there last night, but this morning there is no way to play or navigate score pages without downloading to your computer and opening in MuseScore.

Hope this is the right place to report this - there doesn't seem to be a direct fault-reporting system for


Status (old) active fixed

Problem should be fixed now.

Tested on

  • Windows 7, without flash, Chrome, IE9
  • Windows 8, flash, chrome, Firefox, IE10
  • Mac OSX 10.7, with flash, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Android 4.0 default browser without flash
  • iOS 5 and 6 Safari and Chrome

Confirm the problem:
On has been resolved.
On not.
Vista/Firefox19.02/Firefox Nightly 22.0a1, With or without Ccleaner/Pf5/clear history.

FYI, I confirm scores embedded on other sites does not work for me in IE 10 or Chrome on Windows 7, but it *does* work on both Safari and Chrome on iPad.

We did an upgrade of the online player in order to support playback via HTML5 when Flash is not installed (for example on mobile devices). The upgrade was buggy and a file was not found.