Officially in the Windows Store?

• May 27, 2017 - 11:55

MuseScore is available in the Windows Store:

Is this an official version? Am I safe downloading it? I would like to switch from the official downloadable desktop version, because then I suppose it would update to new versions automatically, without having to launch it, check for updates, download the update, etc.

The official website doesn't link to the Store version anywhere, that's why I'm suspicious. If this is an official version, I think it would be beneficial and much less ambiguous if the download page linked to it directly.

Also, are there any limitations to the Store version?


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I installed the Store version, tried it, saw that it works, and uninstalled the non-Store version. I believe that many people will do the same, so it really should be possible to do the association manually.

I now uninstalled the Store version and reinstalled it, but the association still didn't happen.

MuseScore should show up in the "How do you want to open this file?" list, and also in "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs\Set Default Programs", etc.

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I just had to check as I only just realised my archived MSI was one version behind and the problem might be with 2.1 in general not the Store app specifically.

As it turns out, the MSI version is running fine for me in that respect.

Now having uninstalled the MSI once more and reinstalled the Store app, it is working fine today.

Now I am not sure if I was running on direct Internet connection or OpenVPN last night, which might be another factor. Windows Store apps are all varying degrees of broken when using OpenVPN with the Creators Update. Likewise, Office 365 cannot access OneDrive services with an OpenVPN tunnel at this time. Ditto when a proxy server is specified in Microsoft Edge: all the Windows Store apps and OneDrive for desktop die horribly. I'm still trying to track this down in case it is an issue with something I've installed (eg: Antivirus), but have reported it to Microsoft in the meantime.

Even so, I can't replicate the problem with MuseScore by opening a tunnel at this time, so perhaps it is just a weird glitch during that install which came right with the next.

It was also Windows Update "Tuesday" today (Wednesday here), so Windows has now had a monthly cumulative fix applied since last nights test which might have made a difference as well.

Sorry about the false alarm.

I've been using the Store version of Musescore for some time now without any problem. Please consider linking to it on the Downloads page of the website. Ideally the Store link should be the primary download method for Windows 10 users, and only recommend the .msi download for Windows 7/8, because

- Windows 10 S users can only install apps from the store
- All other users benefit too from painless automatic updates in the background

@marczellm We are holding back from redirecting Win10 users to the Windows Store for various reasons which are linked to the Windows Store developer experience. We are in communication with Microsoft on these issues. We want to see them addressed first before we flip the switch.

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