No API or Device selectable in I/O preferences tab in 0.9.5 WIndows XP

• Jul 27, 2009 - 16:58

This is an excellent product! Keep up the great work, guys! =)

My problem with this version of MuseScore is that I cannot play back/hear any sounds. It worked fine the first few times I've run the program, and I think that the source of this problem may be that I am using a different SoundFont file (FluidR3_GM.sf2) than the default (wanted different sounds played for the different instruments, not just piano for all of them), and there may be issues with using it with the 'unstable' release. It worked fine with the new SoundFont to begin with, but after a few uses, it just all of a sudden stopped playing sounds. My volume is not muted or turned down very low, and I have audio input and output devices listed under the Audio tab of the "Sounds and Audio Devices" window in Contorl Panel. Version 0.9.4 worked perfectly fine for me, but unfortunately it played piano for all of the instruments, and I was unable to find a way to change that (please point out how to do that in 0.9.4 if I missed something if it's possible). Other than this issue, MuseScore is an incredible product! I've been searching for a product like this for awhile, and the closest I had come before finding it was Musette.


If you haven't already, then take a look at the trouble shooting section of SoundFont in the handbook.

Did the sound stop working as soon as you switched to the new SoundFont or did the new SoundFont work for a little bit?

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It was actually working for a bit, but then it all of a sudden stopped. Could this be because I'm using the unstable 0.9.5 release?

Tried the same 'setup' with Vista Business 64-bit, and it dind't work at all (not 1 time). This could either be a bug with the unstable version, or with the SoundFont file (or maybe the combo of both?). What do you think?

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Most likely it is a problem with how you set it up. Is the play panel greyed out or not visible as described in the trouble shooting section?

If you are still having problems feel free to attach a screen shot of the settings in the I/O tab of the preferences dialog.

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No, the play panel is not greyed out. I went ahead and attached a screenshot of the I/O prefs dialog box. I think that these 2 items (an unstable version of a program and an item that changes the 'default' of something within said program) are just incompatible with each other. What do you think?

Something's kinda wierd, though. Sometimes the play panel is greyed out (if I change someting in the I/O prefs box, then restart), and somethimes it's not. Also, sometimes (again, when I change something in the I/O dialog box) the API and Device dropdown lists have nothing in them (IO Preferences.JPG), and sometimes they do (IO Preferences2.JPG). It's wierd;.

I appreciate the help I'm getting from you guys! =)

If it helps, the times where the play panel is not greyed out, I can click Play, but I get no sound. I have tried all output devices.
My devices include:
Microsoft Sound Mapper (Input)
Microphone (Realtek HD Audio) (Input
Realtek Digital Input (Realtek...)
Microsoft Sound Mapper (Output)
Speakers (Realtek High Definition- Output)

Hope this helps if any!

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I assume you are logged in as Blake when you were trying to get playback in MuseScore (otherwise you might not have access to the file since it is save on Blake's Desktop)

Other than that I'm not sure why it is not working for you. It works for me. The settings are identical to yours shown in the second screenshot (except that I saved the file to a different location). I am currently using the prerelease and have also using the same SoundFont successfully in older versions.

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You might also want to check that the MIDI volume is all the way up. Is sound still working in Mussette and other MIDI based programs?

As a last option you can try starting MuseScore with the "factory conditions". Warning: the "factory conditions" option removes any changes you have made to the preferences, window settings, and the palettes. On Windows XP go to Start > Run and type mscore -F

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Musette does work in WIndows XP, so I know now that MIDI works. I also tried removing and reinstaling MuseScore on WIndows XP and it works fine then. Perhaps it's something to do with the SoundFont file? Or something with the RC version of MuseScore (although I doubt it, since I have gotten it to work with the different SoundFont file a few times before?

OK, this is really confusing me. I reinstalled MuseScore in XP and put the new SoundFont in C:\Program Files\MuseScore 0.9\SoundFonts\fluid-soundfont-3.1\ directory, and it is working so far. I will try either (or both) restarting the program/trying it several times, as well as maybe restarting my PC and booting into XP and starting the program and trying it then to see if I can figure anything out that might be causing my problem.

Once again, I appreciate the wonderful support I'm receiving here! Keep up the great work on this masterpiece of a product! =)

It's working perfectly so far in Mac OS X 10.5.7. I haven't had any sound issues, and the API/Devices drop-down lists contain items (not blank), and I am using the FluidR3_GM.sf2 SoundFont. Not sure what the problem(s) could be in the WIndows RC version of MuseScore, but so far the Mac version has worked perfectly! Once again, thank you for making such an incredible program! Keep up the great work, developers/everyone! =)

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