Making BPM changes in the Tempo Text window "stick"

• Jun 22, 2013 - 17:49

The Tempo Text window lets you change the BPM for the various names of the tempi. Since some names have the same default BPM (e.g. Allegro and Con Brio are both at 132 BPM), and no tempo name has a BPM of 142, I changed Con Brio to 142 BPM and used and saved it in a score. That change lasted as long as I kept MuseScore opened. However, If I closed MuseScore on my computer and then reopened it later, Con Brio was back at 132 BPM. Is there any way to make these BPM changes in the Tempo Text window permanent on my downloaded copy of MuseScore?


Hi hmscomp -

Sadly, I don't think so. I've never looked at the source code, but by searching the MuseScore binary (mscore.exe), I found the strings for "Allegro", "Adagio", etc., embedded in it. That makes me suspect that the numeric values are there, too.

I'd be delighted if someone familiar with the code would prove me wrong, though.


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