No playback on mac PPC

• Jul 28, 2009 - 10:39
S4 - Minor

Two users reported no playback on mac ppc.
With the following error :
fluid: error loading sound font: Sound font file size mismatch

Looks like an endianess problem, PPC is big endian and intel are little endian. Some soundfont reading code is not endianess independant and so the universal binary is not so universal. I'm on it...


Status (old) active fixed

Fixed in r1963.
The problew was that soundfont read relies on byte order. Byte order was decided at compile time.
Unfortunately, I compile on Mac Intel, little endian and PPC is big endian. Now byte order is checked at runtime and byte swapping is done accordingly.

I change SFont.cpp. It's in fluid directory. As far as I understand it's ok because MuseScore uses a modification of fluid synth library. Am I right?