iPad edit functions please...

• Jun 6, 2017 - 07:47

My wife only has an iPad Pro to work on. Right now she can only read MuseScore files.
To edit them she must revert back to a Mac, export them to MusicXML, transfer those to the iPad and open it in an app like Symphony Pro. To get them back into the iPad MuseScore app they again have to be exported to MusicXML. By now there are multiple files to deal with...

Please please please extend the already great MuseScore app on the iPad to have the same editing capabilities as a Mac.



4+ years later there is still no editing on iPad. Sigh.

Fortunately, Dorico is now available on iPad, including a very (very) capable free version. (The iPad full version is $40/yr, and tho I hate subscriptions like everybody else, seems the way of the iPad world, by and large. And $40 is nothing, for the features you get.) The Mac/Windows Dorico also has a free option, or $99 full-on purchase of the next tier up.

I get nothing for pointing this out, except the satisfaction of helping someone out. I still use Musescore on both Mac and iPad; I’m just not as frustrated now, waiting for Musescore iPad to have editing.

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As a professional (contemporary) composer and educator, I think musescore editor isthe most versatile editor.
Pity that its not still available on ipad. Dorico needs much more system resources on my ipad(mine is mini 5, which is insufficient), staffpad has problem in the file compatibility due to their business, Sibelius is okay but problem in their desktopapp about authentication, and Notion is just... unusable.

I would pay for editing app if they could release...

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