Use Grand and Single Staff in a score

• Jun 9, 2017 - 06:32

Would like to have the option to mix Grand and Single staffs in a chart. Have examined the documentation... Maybe I'm missing something? Can't seem to do it from the templates. I tried building it from scratch. I guess you know how that went...

This is a space issue. I'm building performance charts that consist of melody, lyric, chord names and chord diagrams. Single Staff works fine for that. Often, I have more detailed information for an intro/outro or instrumental bridge, and in those locations it would be convenient (and merciful) to spread the notes over a section of Grand Staff, reverting to SS when GS is no longer needed.

All this to keep the number of pages down. That's all.

I'm thinking that there's a fundamental reason why the musically literate don't do this, and that's why MuseScore doesn't include such a feature, but the reason is out of my ken as I lack formal training.

Anyone care to clue me in?

Thanks! I think MuseScore2 is incredible. Like MSWord for music. Brilliant.


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You're very kind. Thank you. Have now tried it with a simple chart. Was able to cut and paste most of the information out of the original single-stave file. Had to re-enter some notes and adjust stems and such.

Very elegant.

Now there's some work ahead on those other five charts I wrote before knowing this. Darn and oh well, but time well spent! Thank Goodness for the Selection Filter.

Thank you, everyone.


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You shouldn't need to create new scores and copy info into them. Just add another staff to your existing file, maybe move some notes from the original staff to the new one. If you need further help, feel free to attach the score you are having trouble (see "File attachments" right below where you type your post) with and explain what you want to do.

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Yes, we like it too :-) Not sure what you mean about telling MuseScore which notes to assign to the bass clef. When centering the notes, you simply select the correct staff before entering the notes. When copying and pasting, you select the staff you want when you paste. That's how you tell it. Not sure what else you might mean?

BTW, to add a staff, use Edit / Instruments.

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Please ignore bass clef question. It answered itself a couple of nanoseconds after pressing "save". Need to slow these fingers down.

Thanks for the Edit / Instruments tip. I was wondering about that.

Ach, and it's no big heartache after all. There's only one of those previous five scores that really needs the extra-stave edit.

Your help and the community are priceless. As is the program. I have donated in the past and will do so again.

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A question has come up regarding adding staves via Edit / Instruments.

Starting with a single treble stave template already populated with melody and such, I added a bass clef stave by selecting the existing treble stave in the Edit / Instruments dialog box, then clicking either the "Add Stave" or "Add Linked Stave" buttons. A bass clef stave appears in the score, but two problems present themselves:
1) The Brace or Bracket at the beginning of the grand staff (linking bass and treble) is missing and I cannot seem to add it to the page.
2) The initial barline does extent between staves, but no other barlines are connected.

Not sure I understand the difference betwixt linked and 'unlinked' staves, fwiw. But I guess that's obvious.


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First: "linked staves" are not relevant to lead sheets or piano music. They are for guitar music where you want one staff using standard notation and another showing the exact same music in tablature.

To add a bracket, use the Brackets palette.

To extend barlines, double click and drag any barline; the others will follow suit.

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Thanks, Marc. In addition to the above, one last step was needed to get this single staff source file to look like the Grand Staff version that I cut and pasted into earlier in this thread. And that was to visit Style / General / Barlines and enable "Barline at start of single staff". Now the two files look identical, I understand a whole lot more about MuseScore, and you've got me on track! You are truly generous with your time and I am very grateful.

I think I stumbled on the bracket placement resizing because I would click on it and the Element Inspector would say "nothing selected". I tried dragging it, but of course - no handle = no change. Double-click does the trick.

I think we can archive this one. My thanks to all. ---z

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