Bluetooth Headphones

• Jun 10, 2017 - 18:54
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S5 - Suggestion

I have recently downloaded the new version of MuseScore 2.1 for my mac. Since this, I couldn't use my bluetooth headphones for it. If I tried to connect them before I open MuseScore 2, no sound would play. If I tried to connect them after I open MuseScore 2, sound would play, but outside of the headphones.

I can still use my normal headphones, but the sound on them is terrible. If I used no headphones, my neighbours would be disturbed.

Please fix this issue immediately.

GIT commit: 871c8ce


In general, it is better to ask for help on the Support forum rather than report problems as bugs. The issue tracker is for when something has been confirmed to actually be a bug and not just a problem on the user's end. Also, the "Assigned" field is for the person who will fix the problem, not the person who reported it, so I've removed your name as I assume you are not volunteering :-)

anyhow, in order to help,. we'd need you to say what OS you are on. Also be sure to check Edit / Preferences / I/O to be sure your headphones are selected as an output device.

Oh, I am sorry. I will make sure to get everything right if I need to do something similar to this ever again (which I doubt I will, as this is the only problem I experience).

I have checking the I/O tab but everything seems fine there.

Sorry to bug you.