[Website] Comments filed by "System Message" not sent to subscribers

• Jul 25, 2013 - 06:06
S4 - Minor

Steps to reproduce:
1. Subscribe to an issue.
2. Wait for the bug to marked fixed by "System Message"

Expected behavior: The subscriber should receive an email notice that the issue is not fixed. (This is important because it allows the subscriber to test the fix if necessary).

Actual behavior: The subscriber does not receive email notices of comments generated by "System Message". (Comments from other users come through okay).

(Tested using a Gmail email account. Also checked the spam folder)


The "fixed" email would be useful but the System Message user also closes the bugs. Subscribers probably don't care about this last event.

Maybe they do (care for that last Close message9, as sort of a last wakeup call?
iI wouldn#t mind.

What I'd prefer though is ti just see one email untile I visit that issue/thread again rather than one per comment.
That's the way other forums work

Indeed, messages by "System Message" are not sent out. Initially this system user was only closing fixed issues after two weeks. Since we moved to Github for the code repository, we also use this same user to automatically fix issues when a commit is done on Github. I understand we want to get these emails.

Let me see how I can change this.