Change volume of metronome in play back?

• Aug 5, 2013 - 19:48
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I use Musescore 2.0 for rehearsal. For some soundfonts the metronome is rather loud in comparison to the instruments. It would be nice to be able to change the volume of the metronome. It would be okay with me if this is rather a central setting in preferences than something to be set with every score. Though it would be nice since one can store the according soundfont with the score.


I second this request. The metronome is so loud it drowns out the music.

I can't detect any way to set a volume for it within or without musescore.

Perhaps an elegant solution would be to have it appear as another instrument at the top of the "mixer" panel whenever the metronome is on.

Does anyone know ANY hack that might reduce the volume of the metronome?

Is it an instrument in the soundbank that could be edited to have less volume by default?

Status (old) active fixed

Werner has added a metronome volume control to the Synthesizer window. I tried it, seems to work fine. BTW, I started to wonder at first why Synthesizer and not mixer, but then I realized it's better this way - that way it affects all scores.

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Hate to necropost, but I spent a fair amount of time rummaging around both Google and MuseScore itself looking for the current location for this setting. In the interest of posterity, and for anyone looking for the metronome volume circa 2019, you will find it tucked away in the "Play Panel," accessible from the "View" Menu. Hope that helps.

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Sorry, I don’t see that, neither in synthesizer settings nor in the Play Panel. Which Version of Musescore do you have? I have 2.0.2

2.0.2 is very old. Upgrade that to 2.3.2 (the last 2.x version) and consider installing a recent 3.x version (3.2.3, 3.3 or the upcomming 3.3.2) in parallel.