REPEAT not working as expected

• Aug 5, 2013 - 20:13

Brand new user...

Looks like i could really use this product, but finding a problem right away with repeats. Simply not working. at end of 1st ending, musescore just keeps playing on through 2nd ending. so far i have deleted, re-entered in different orders, placing repeat signs first, then ending brackets, and other way around. Anyone?

setup Repeat sign at beginning of tune, first ending start on bar 7 for 2 bars, then the "other" repeat sign, then second ending (open) and continuing to end of comp.


Perhaps you've already watched the tutorial?
(in the lower left, on the main page):
Part 7 Repeats, 1st and 2nd time endings
If you want to attach the score (*. Mscz) someone will take a look

Do realize before you get your hopes up too far that if playback is the most important thing to you, then you might continue to encounter frustration. MuseScore does provide a playback facility to give you a quick-and-dirty idea of how your composition might sound once you print it and give to to musicians to play, but keep in mind the notation itself is really the end goal. MuseScore's playback won't capture all that possible complex road map instructions and other nuances you might be expecting if you are thinking of this as a playback program primarily.

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First of all the MuseScore program is always free.

I don't know how you inserted the repeats. I think you did not use the palettes that appear when you press F9. The begin repeat was at the end of the line, when it should be after the key signature on the next line. When I right clicked the measure for the end repeat, it would not allow me to change the play count. I removed the repeats and reentered then using the palettes and it works fine.


P.S. In the future start a new thread rather than reviving a 5 year old thread.

Im having the same problem... play repeats is on and nothing is working.... start repeat is there too... i'm not a novice either. been using this program for years and just had this problem with the newest version

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