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• Aug 8, 2013 - 13:35

Recently I tried to open a musescore file believing it was a Compressed MuseScore File (.mscz)opens with mscore and when it didn’t open, I right clicked my mouse and chose (open with) and selected the app (mscore) not realizing it was the wrong file I was actually trying to open. Now I see all the files that should end with MSCX, File (.mscx,) and should open with Windows Shell Commor now opens up as (MSCZ, File (.mscz,) and opens with (mscore) _of course it does not open!!!
My Question IS:
How can I restore the file extension back to its original state? MSCX, File (.mscx,) so that it opens with Windows Shell Commor
Uninstalling MuseScore does not fix addition, I can no longer use the “browse” option when I right click the mouse and select “open with”
I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Operating System
Any advice or help would be much appreciated.
Rita Lions

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First, are you aware these files ending in commas should not be opened at all? These are backup files only. It is the version *without* the file that you should be opening.

Sounds like your question about is about changing file associations in Windows in general, and not a question about MuseScore specifically? In version of Windows I am familar with, there are a number of ways to change what program is used to open a give extension type. I usually right click a file in Windows Explorer and choose "Open with" from the menu, "Choose default program", select the program I want to use, then make sure the "always use the selected program" option is selected. Not sure what you mean a out not being able to browse - are you saying there is no browse button? could you post a screen shot? Although, this is more a question for a Wndows forum than for here, if I am understnading correctly.

Anyhow, there is no program that really makes sense to assign to "mscz," files - they aren't supposed to be openable directly. It sounds like maybe you are saying youjwant to *remove* the association, thus returning to the original state where clicking the file pops up a dialog saying "Windows can't open this file". I believe most versions of Windows let ypu do that by editing the Registry. You might do a web search to find the specifics for your particular version. Personally, I probably wouldn't bither. Having MuseScore open with an error message is a fine way to let you know you've clicked the wrong file, it seems to me.

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Is that how a lot of other programs you know work? I can't think of any examples, except for programs that use the same extension but place the backup in another folder or otherwise rename them more radically.

However, as we've observed on multiple occasions, the fact that the backups are so in-your-face is the real problem. The fact that 2.0 will mark them hidden should make this kind of moot.

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Please anyone trying to guess any other reasons for the problem having occurred than the one I gave would be wrong; let me assure you all it is no bug. The problem was caused because of being blind in one eye and having insufficient eyesight in the other was the reason I was trying to open the wrong file. I couldn’t tell the difference between the two files (the backup file and the Compressed MuseScore File .mscz). maybe if it were colour coded or something...LOL I might have seen the difference but with all humour put aside, I must say I do know the backup file is not supposed to be opened. I simply want to restore the file extension to its original state. Without having to perform a system restore. I have placed four pictures with descriptive message in the renaming section for anyone trying to help.
PS: even if nothing can be done...thank you to all for trying.
Rita Lions

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Understood, but see my previous response. It's a Windows question, not a MuseScore question, and I believe the answer will be to do a Google search for ways of removing file associations, and expect it will involve editing the registry.

The discussion above is not about what caused it - just about what should happen.

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Yes I agree, we don’t need to see both the backup file with the standard user file. If there was only one file to select it would not have happened.
I think while the program still works fine I will leave it alone unless someone was very very smart could really quickly write up a code...for musescore to hide the file.... that would be like... awesome!!! Thankyou all and have a good

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