0.9.5 on Vista?

• Aug 1, 2009 - 02:38

When I attempt to open a saved score, the program immediately stops working and closes.

I also tried using 0.9.4 (this probably should be another thread/topic) but after entering 1-2 measures on one part the program would stop working. Is there something I can do to be able to open the scores I have saved on my computer?

Thanks in advance,


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Does it show "InstrumentLong" on the first line, and "Instrument Short" on all other lines, in place of the instrument names? I tried opening it on 0.9.4 and that is what I saw..

Also, thank you for taking time to help investigate this issue!

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It does not show "InstrumentLong" or "InstrumentShort", it shows "Violins 1", "Violins 2", "Violas" and "Violoncellos" on the first line, and "Vlns. 1", "Vlns. 2", "Vlas." and "Vlcs." on subsequent lines.

I should add that I'm testing this in Windows XP, but in any case the issue exists there too (at least on 0.9.5rc)

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Danke, Herr Bolton. It works now. Issue resolved, if you will.
I'll have to remember "no breath marks." I'll write those in by hand after I print it out.

You really don't know what a lifesaver you are, I need this score done by Tuesday night and without your help... well there wouldn't have been a chance it would be done!

Once again, thank you very much.

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