Two voices on same tone - render bug when repositioning

• Aug 1, 2009 - 17:43

When two voices have the same tone, mscore seems to remove the second notehead (see third beat of first measure below). This is a problem if you want to micro-move one of the notes. In some scores it may be desirable to show both notes explicitly, and this does not seem to be possible with the current version (r1978).


When one of the notes are repositioned (up/down arrow), the missing notehead does not appear again
until the other note is at least one space higher or lower on the staff.

When the score is saved and reopened, it displays the note correctly.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. On an empty score, create a note in voice 1
  2. Switch to voice 2 (Ctrl+I - Ctrl+2)
  3. Create the same note in voice 2
  4. Select the note (only voice 1 is possible to select with the mouse)
  5. Move the note with the arrow keys up or down, step by step

Expected behaviour: As long as the two notes are not at the same tone on the staff, both noteheads should be visible and correctly positioned in relation to each other.
Actual behaviour: When moving away from the shared position, the second note does not reappear until the first note is at least one space away. When moving back toward the original position, the behaviour is correct.

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Status (old) fixed active

After the following list of steps the bug is still present:

  1. Create new score for treble-clef instrument
  2. Press "N" to begin note entry
  3. Select quarter-note duration
  4. Add a B to the center line of the staff
  5. Switch to voice 2
  6. Select eighth-note duration
  7. Add a B to the center line
  8. Add an A immediately afterward
  9. Press "N" to leave note entry
  10. Double-click to select the quarter notehead in voice 1
  11. Press Right 3 times nudge the note sideways
  12. Press Esc to leave notehead edit mode

Expected behavior: The note heads for both B's should be visible

Actual behavior: The note head for the voice 2 B has disappeared