Chord names disappear

• Sep 6, 2013 - 03:05

MuseScore version 1.3 rev. 5702
Mac OS X 10.8.4 (Mountain Lion)
Also tested (sort of) with nightly build version 2 rev. a2b136c

I created a new score from scratch, added lyrics, and then added chord names. After saving and re-opening the file, the chord names are missing. I re-added the chords, but the same thing happens after saving the file, closing MuseScore, and re-opening the file -- the chords are missing.

Hal_luyah.mcsz -- the file I created. When I open this file with MuseScore 1.3, no chords are visible.
Hal_luyah.pdf -- a print of the file to a PDF, showing the chords that were present when the file was saved.
MuseScore_bug.pdf -- a screen shot showing the saved file with chords. When this file is re-opened, the chords are missing.
MuseScoreNightly_bug.pdf -- a screen shot of the re-opened file using the most recent nightly build, Version 2 rev a2b136c. Note that the chords are partially present.

I also tried creating this score from scratch with the Version 2 nightly build. Neither Command-K nor Add -> Text -> Chord Name will add chords to the score. (Perhaps this is a separate bug?)

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Under menu item: Style / Edit General Style / Chordnames you should enter a chord description file. If you have trouble locating one, they should be in the Musescore program files in the 'styles' folder.

As I am running Windows XP, I can't be more specific. However, I have saved your file with the 'stdchords.xml' chords added to it. Hopefully, the attached file should open for you with the chords displayed.

Also see:

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Thanks, Jm6Stringer! That fixed the problem. I'm not sure how that setting got deleted. I did have trouble trying to get MuseScore to use the "jazzchords" style; perhaps when I was fooling around with that I wiped out the setting.

Thanks for figuring this out. I'm happy to have my chords back.


Yes, somehow the chord description file has been cleared out. That's not normal; you must have done something that caused it to be deleted. But that's why nothing shows. There has to be a chord description file for MuseScore to display chords. And normally there always is one. Any idea how it got deleted from your score?

As for creating the score from scratch in 2.0, that should have worked. Can you describe more specifically what you tried, what you expected to see happen, and what happened instead?

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Hi, Marc,

Thanks for your response; by resetting the chord description file, I have my chords back.

Re 2.0: See the attached file. Here are the steps I followed:

1. I created a new score from scratch, called "test".

2. I entered the notes.

3. I entered the lyrics (using Command-L).

4. To enter the chords, I clicked on the D note, measure 1 beat 1 and pressed Command-K. Instead of placing the cursor for the chord above that note, the nightly build threw me down to measure 7 beat 2 (circled in red in the attachment). The same thing happens if I use the sample file supplied with the nightly build ("Promenade") -- if I click on the first note of the first measure, hit Command-K, the cursor ends up above the middle of the first measure of the 2nd staff rather than above the first note of measure 1.

Hope this helps -- let me know if you need more info.


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