Documents Stacked/Side-by-Side shows one half if the first score is opened

• Sep 8, 2013 - 03:51
S4 - Minor

1. Open score.
2. Enable 'Documents Stacked/Side-by-Side'.
3. 'Close'.
4. Open score.

Result: The score only appears on one side.

Documents Stacked:Side-by-Side shows one half if the first score is opened.png

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (c1e2cb3) - Mac 10.7.5.


Have the same issue with 2.0 Beta1.

OS: OSX 10.9.4
MS Version: 2.0 Beta1

Just downloaded the new beta, installed and when looked the settings on the interface, I switched the Documents View mode to "Stacked". It made the open sheet to be displayed duplicated. I switched back to "Documents Side by Side" but it did not resolve the issue: I had the same document two times on the screen, side by side. Clicking any of the close buttons closes both panes.

Tried to remove the app and it related files (by App cleaner) and reinstall. It did not help: if I open a document, I have a duplicated tab with an empty pane (see the screenshot).

screencapture-2014-08-30 17-58-03.png

Uninstalled again. Looked for "manually" (by terminal) all the files (in system folders too of course) which have "muse" (or "Muse") in its name. Deleted all. Reinstalled. Still the same behaviour. Strange. (Where is it stored?)

What you are describing is the correct behavior - it's *supposed* to display two documents stacked or side by side, and it defaults to showing the same document until you cause it to be different. Just click a different tab in one window to see something different.

Thanks for your answer Marc!

I think if it is default behavior it is totally confusing. I've never seen any app which shows the same document in two tabs (except when you want to compare two parts of a document).

It is true, that – as you say – one can open an other sheet and switch to that in one pane, but than bot document will haw two tabs!

However I realized now, that that the border between the panes is movable, so I can hide the duplicates. This hidden state should be the default behavior IMHO.

screencapture-2014-08-31 22-19-21.png

I am not understanding what you are finding confusing. Why are you asking for two windows if you don't want to see two windows? Or is it just that you want the act of creating the second window to somehow automatically choose a new file to load for you into that new window? I can't think of any programs that would do that. How would they decide what other file to load? It seems only natural to me that they would by default show you either nothing, or the same document you are already looking at. And FWIW, having two windows open on the same document can be *very* useful for copy and paste between different sections of a long score, for example. But if you want to load a new document into one of the windows.

And I don't understand what you mean about hiding a tab. I think maybe you are misunderstanding something fundamental here, but I am not sure what. Maybe you are just confusing "tabs" with "windows"?

The tabs are there to show the documents that MuseScore has open. This is a totally separate thing from having multiple *windows* open. Most people will have multiple *documents* open at once almost all the time, but may never in their lives think to ever open two *windows* at once. But if they *do* open mutliple windows, why make it harder to select from the open *documents* within those windows?

So I am not sure what you are trying to accom[plish by opening a second window if you don't want it to show the same document but you also don't want a choice (the tabs) of what document it should show. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Status (old) active by design

First things first! I realized that it is possible to deselect both "Documents Side by Side" and "Documents Stacked" in the same time! Until now I thought that it is a "one or the other" switch. But now I see that I can deselect both and than I see only one sheet one time! It is clear now.

(I still do not understand however where this setting is stored? I thought if I delete everything, than a new install should provide only one sheet at a time.)

About tabs, windows, panes etc: Do not care to much about them I just did not want to use the same word so I just used them as synonyms most of the time.

Thanks for your support!

thamas: the default is always to have just window open. It only change to stacked or side by side if you change it to that. This setting is then remembered, so it is still active if you quit and restart the program, just like all other program settings. And also just like all other settings, it is remembered even if you uninstall and reinstall the program. If you wish to restore your settings (including this but also everything else you might have changed in Edit / Preferences, any changes you made to the size of the different panels within the main window, etc), you can run "mscore -F" to revert to factory settings.