File > Open delay for disconnected network drives

• Sep 13, 2013 - 05:44
S4 - Minor

Steps to Reproduce
1. File > Open

Expected behavior: Dialog should appear within a second or two.

Actual behavior: Dialog takes one or two minutes to appear. During this time MuseScore is unresponsive.

Discussion: This problem isn't apparent in any other applications (including MuseScore 1.3).

GIT commit: 2eeb3de


I can't reproduce either.
* is the behavior recent?
* is MuseScore playing or doing something else at the same time?
* are you running a debug version of MuseScore?

Status (old) active closed

I can't reproduce today. I'll reopen if I find out why.

lasconic: I hadn't experienced it before, but I tried several of the nightly builds that were currently available, and all of them were affected. MuseScore was not doing anything else at the time, and I was not running a debug version.

I've never experienced 1-2 minutes, but I'd say for several weeks now (maybe since Qt 5.1?), it's taken like 20-30 seconds for the Open dialog to appear. At least, the first time I try to use it in any given session. Then it gets quicker - 5 seconds, say. Nothing else seems so slow - just File / Open.

I too am on Windows 7. Nothing else going on on my system worth mentioning, nothing playing in MuseScore. I see I have a network drive that I rarel;y access, and have certainly never tried to access via MuseScore, but the symptoms I see are consistent with the open dialog trying to poll all connected drives before displaying anything, as that drive does take a long time respond when initially visiting it with Explorer. But I am indeed running a debug version, and have also assumed that might have something to do with any performance issues I see.

Title File > Open takes one or two minutes to appear File > Open delay for disconnected network drives
Status (old) closed active

I reduced the priority since it seems to only affect Windows computers with network drives setup, and the problem is only apparent when the computer is disconnected from that network.

I noticed the time seems to roughly correspond to the time it takes if you click on that drive in Windows Explorer and wait for the message saying that the network drive is disconnected. Any way to turn off this "polling" to match the behavior of other applications (where you only experience the delay if you try to open that particular disconnected network drive)?

This delay applies to all file dialogs including Open, Save As, Export, Import, New from Template, etc.

The thng is, Explorer does this only if you explicitly click on the drive, not every time you try to do anything. Would be nice if File->Open similarly only freaked out if you tried to open that drive.