Standalone Grace Notes?

• Oct 6, 2013 - 16:14


I am currently transcribing Ravel's "Jeux D'eau" for solo piano on MuseScore. A section of the piece includes appoggiaturas at the end of a measure, leading into the next; however, there is no note for the grace notes to "connect" to.
Is there a way to add a group of grace notes into a measure without attaching them to a note? If not, can you suggest an alternative that will produce similar results?

Dan Sutheran (LordMayoEsquire)


It would help if you posted a picture of what you want. Seems if they aren't attached to anything, they aren't really grace notes - maybe just oridinary notes that happen to be rendered small? You can make small nites using note properties (right click menu). Or maybe you mean notes concluding a trill? If you, there are a number of possible workarounds for that - do a search for that specific topic and you'll find a few threads.

I had a look at a copy of the sheet music -

I can't see any grace notes as such but there are a lot of small notes and some at the end of a measure that I would just enter using the second Voice (see Voices section in the MuseScore handbook) and then make the rests invisible. You are likely to have more *fun* with the tremolos, cross-satff beaming etc. I'd also make a keyboard shortcut for the double-sharp symbol as you'll be needing it a few times (I use # ' : for sharp, flat, double-sharp respectively and = for natural). Talk about picking a difficult piece to transcribe!

I tackled tremolos one way (there are others) in measures 104 onwards in the attached piece (which I haven't completed checking but if anyone wants to correct it, feel free).

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