Seconda Volta inherits tempo playback of Prima volta

• Jul 9, 2017 - 17:47

I noticed listening back to my upload Bethena that when the seconda volta on page 4 played it had inherited the slowed down tempo of the prima volta.

I have now added a hidden tempo ♩=100 to bar 93 to match this up to the tempo of the bars preceding the prima volta.

I noticed also that if I experiment with adding Swing to the Prima volta again this is then inherited by the seconda volta despite it not being present in the bars preceding the voltas.

Is this something that is being looked into already?


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Notice in the attached sample file, the arco is in volta 1 to return to arco as at the beginning of the piece. The expected result is that after the repeat the instrument will continue playing pizzicato rather than returning to arco, which a real musician would never encounter.

There is of course a work around by inserting an invisible pizz. after the repeat, but this should really not be necessary.

volta bug.mscz

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