(Launchpad) Crash when note moving/inputting notes in very extreme ranges (0.9.5 RC2)

• Aug 8, 2009 - 01:25
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From https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mscore/+bug/410523
I can't specifically say when it crashes, but it will sometimes crash when doing standard things, like note input.

This particular instance was me inputting a bunch of notes, and it finally crashed while I grabbed and dragged a note upward.

I don't know what would be of more help, but I'd be glad to follow any directions

My computer has not been updated since June 18, but I am running Musescore 0.9.5 RC2 and I updated the libqt4-scripttools, libsndfile1, and sndfile-programs packages manually because a development version of Musescore was requiring them to be updated, but I think that was because of a saving bug from before.

I attached the terminal output.

terminal output: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/30033983/crash.txt


Interesting are the lines on the console like,

2:parseHarmony failed

I've asked for the score file to be attached to the Launchpad report.

Parse harmony failed are not that interesting. It's just debug output when you use Ctrl + K and you enter a text which can't be parse as an harmony. It may lack the test for debug flag.

First off, my computer hasn't been updated since June 18th. However, I've manually updated Musescore to 0.9.5RC2, and have installed the following debs on my Jaunty machine:


I'm making an assumption that it makes it okay for me to submit reports. Please tell me if there are other components that should be updated, but I think I'm in the green. My internet is extremely restricted at the moment, so I can't update my Ubuntu machine without .debs

I found one reproducible crash. It will crash with certainty when I delete all measures (control+a>del), append measures(control+shift+b>Enter) , and then hit the "N" key. Every crash I've been having has had either:

WARNING: Child process terminated by signal 6


WARNING: Child process terminated by signal 11.

It crashes when I hit the "N" key after deleting/creating new measures:

I made a short video demonstrating two crashes in succession:


It seems most crashes I have has to do with after I delete something. Another crash I had was adding a line break accidentally to the end of the piece, and when I clicked it to delete it, it died. I'm sorry if I'm not being precise enough, I'm trying.

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Chauncellor, Thanks for your detailed report in comment #4. I moved it to a separate issue since it is a different bug from the one you originally reported at the top of the thread. See http://www.musescore.org/en/node/2332

I'm closing this bug since we can't reproduce it. If you discover the exact steps to reproduce it every time feel free to open this back up.

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Here we go, I got one of them. If I drag and drop an already made note to any extreme range (like 30 leger lines below the staff), it will crash 100 percent of the time with signal 6.

If I click at the same spot for a new note, it has a 20 or so percent rate of crash.

Still haven't figured out the clicking one, though.... :(

Title (Launchpad) Crash when note input/note moving (0.9.5 RC2) (Launchpad) Crash when note moving/inputting notes in very extreme ranges (0.9.5 RC2)

I found out, more specifically, if I click so low that mscore doesn't even display leger lines anymore, just the note shadow, it will crash 100 percent of the time. So there needs to be a lot of space for this bug to occur, maybe just a two-line page.

Can't reproduce. Neither on mac or windows.
I build r2005 from source on ubuntu hardy heron. I can't reproduce the crash. If too low a note is changed to a high pitch but I don't have crash.

Very strange. I have used the Windows version and have not been able to reproduce as well.

But my computer is fully up to date, I'm running 0.9.5 now, and I have updated Qt to 4.5.2, yet it still crashes on extreme input.

I get this same bug consistently with Musescore 0.9.5 on both Ubuntu Karmic on my laptop and Jaunty on my desktop.
I happens with many different pieces that i've been working on but there is one right now that is consistently crashing in the same spot, doing the same thing every time i try to use the program.
It says:
next note at 299280(measure 0) voice 0 for tie not found
WARNING: Child process terminated by signal 11

This happens when I select a few measures and then press Ctrl+C to copy them.

here is a link to the file for you to analyse if you like.

Edit: I just was trying again, I can copy other parts in this piece it seems that my current problem has to do with me trying to copy bars 208-211 of the violin part.

I have had, consistently, many other crashes with this program but never so regularly with just one particular line of music.

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Reproduced on Windows Vista:
- select measure 208 to 211

@fredericthewise for your next bug report, open a new issue. never append it to closed issues.