Spelling errors in the original embeded texts

• Oct 18, 2013 - 11:04
S4 - Minor

String #245: "Minumum width of measure:" ->"Minimum width of measure:"
String #1342: "SYstem" -> "System"
String #1377: "SYstem" -> "System"
String #1614: "Breaks & Spacer" -> "Breaks & Spacers"
String #2156: "Breaks && Spacer" -> "Breaks && Spacers"

Not too sure:
String #2162: "Breath & Pauses" -> "Breaths & Pauses"
String #1825: "D.S al coda" -> "D.S.al Coda"
String #1826: "D.s al Fine" -> "D.S. al Fine"
String #1828: "To coda" -> "To Coda"
String #1924: "Bar %1Beat%2.%3" -> "Measure %1Beat%2.%3"
String #2162: "Breath && Pauses" -> "Breaths && Pauses"


Status (old) fixed active

I don't think you got them all...

One of
String #1342: "SYstem" -> "System"
String #1377: "SYstem" -> "System"

should still be missing, as only one got changed. Also missing is

String #1614: "Breaks & Spacer" -> "Breaks & Spacers"

And still not sure about

String #1825: "D.S al coda" -> "D.S. al Coda"
String #1828: "To coda" -> "To Coda"
String #1924: "Bar %1Beat%2.%3" -> "Measure %1Beat%2.%3"

But I think they should get changed.

some more, there are many occurences of the word 'barline' and 'Barline', where it IMHO should be 'bar line' resp. 'Bar line' or 'Bar Line', or am I wrong on this? Or is it just 'bar' in US English and 'bar line' in the UK (where 'measure' is 'bar'). I'd guess 'bar line' would be OK on either side of the big pond?

Once 'keysignture' is abbreviates as 'key sig.', another time as 'key sign.', we'd need some consistency here.
There is 'timesig', 'TimeSig', 'keysig', 'KeySig' and 'key sig ...'

All these camel case terms, do they need to get translated at all?

If we want the translations to follow upper-/lowercase first letters, these need to be correct in the source. Good parts of the old mscore_en_US.ts is just trying to fix this and quite frequently without this being done in mscore_en_UK.ts too.

I changed the strings in the source. The *.ts files and the translation system is not updated yet.
Changing strings in the source invalidates all translations. So it is important to get them right before starting any translation.

I hope in just invalidates the translation of changed (and deleted and new) texts, not really all translations?
Otherwise we'd have spent days of work for nothing (the German and Spanish translation in particular, which both are almost complete on Transifex.com)!

Also I don't see a commit containing the changed texts on GitHub (except for some of my Initial request)?

My comment was for your initial request (so there should be no "SYstem" string in the source anymore) ...
Of course only all translations of changed strings are invalidated.

No, I found a "Breaks & Spacer" in the new ts files, line 5167 in mscore_de.ts
(so just one &, not 2, that one is fixed)

Found it: it is in mscore/masterpalette.ui