beat fractions are calculated wrongly in status bar

• Oct 20, 2013 - 14:57
S4 - Minor
by design

The fractions of beats in the status bar seem to be calculated wrongly:
the 2nd 8th note of a measure gets displayed as beat 1.240 rather than 1.5
the 2nd 16th note of a measure as 1.120 rather than 1.250
the 4th 16th as 1.360 rather than 1.750
and so on and so forth....

I think they are shown in tickLen rather than decical fractions?

Seems to be a day one bug, 1.3 behaves the same in that respect as 4c859d8


Hmm, then it should better not be separated by a dot?
And the text should tell it too, something like

"Measure %1 Beat %2 Tick %3"

BTW: any idea how "Tick" should be translated into German?

Where else, I wonder, are tick values exposed to the user? Somewhere in the inspector, I guess maybe, but it's not something most users would encounter often. So I doubt most users would be familiar with the concept - in fact, if we took a poll, it's doubtful we'd find anyone outside the community of developers who know how many ticks are in a beat. Yet users definitely could have reason to want to know what part of a beat a note or rest is on. So I definitely support the idea of changing the status display to use more familiar units, perhaps in addition to ticks, but perhaps instead of ticks if we aren't really exposing ticks elsewhere.

Right now this is of relatively little import as most of us probably rarely look at this display beyond the measure number. But at some point when MuseScore is made more accessible, this status display will likely become the primary way blind users will know where they are in the score while browsing. Using meaningful units will become crucial.

05d827a changed it to "%1:%2.%3" with a tooltip of "Bar:Beat.Tick"
Which is better than leaving it to anyones guess what that 'fraction' might be but "Bar" should really be "Measure" (US English) and IMHO the (decimal) "." should better be a ":"