Add chord notes to a tied note (0.9.4 regression)

• Aug 9, 2009 - 04:12
S4 - Minor
by design

I am unable to add a note tied over a barline to an existing note of the same duration.

Open a new score.
In bar one, 4/4 time enter an extemporaneous half note followed by a dotted half note.
Proper result. The note is tied over the bar line.
Now attempt to add a 2nd note, again with the duration of a dotted half.

whether adding via keyboard (Shift+note) or mouse, with or without shift, does not work

Via keyboard: half note is added, no tied note
Mouse: present note is shifted to the new location.



Status (old) active by design

You can only add notes of same duration to a chord. To achieve what you want you have to dd a half note to the first chord, a quarter to the second and tie them.
Adding a note of different duration is interpreted as a "replace chord".