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• Jul 19, 2017 - 04:04
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I use { and } on Mac, it works OK to increase Strech but to decrease doesn´t work.
I readed on manual:

To increase or decrease the horizontal spacing of notes within a measure or measures, you can select the measures you want to affect, then use the "Increase Stretch" command (}, Mac: Ctrl+Alt+9) to widen them so that fewer are on a line, or "Decrease Stretch" ({, Mac: Ctrl+Alt+8) to squash them to fit more on a line. You can also access the exact same property from Measure Properties, where you can precisely edit the exact percentage of additional space (or negative stretch). To reset a measure's stretch to the default spacing of 1, use the "Reset Stretch" menu command.

But this conbination of keys doesn´t work.

I used Sibelius and it have a command "Make a system", when you selected some measures and applied it, the size became a fixed size as you want, could be a great feacture. I like keep the same number or measures by system to read easy the structure of score.

Thanks a lot for your work, i love Musescore :-)

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In order to help, we would need you to attach the score you are having trouble with. Probably something is preventing the measure(s) from decreasing in size - a line break, the minimum note spacing setting, etc.

In the future, it is better to use the Support forum to ask for help in using MuseScore.