Problem with duplets in compound time signature.

• Jul 24, 2017 - 23:16
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When I hit ctrl-2 for a duplet in a compound time signature on one beat of the time signature (a dotted quarter), and try dotting one of the eighth notes (rests), the second rest is remaining an eighth when it should be a sixteenth. It's tricky to explain, but it is a major issue.

GIT commit: 871c8ce

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You either need to upload the score or tell us exactly how to reproduce the issue. I used a 12/8 time signature and changed the last dotted 1/8 rest into a duplet and everything went as it was supposed to. I tried entering the note both with the keyboard and the mouse.

The assigned field is for the person fixing the problem, which we would be more than happy to have you do :B

I just happened to observe the same thing. It was in a violin sonata in either the left or right hand of the piano part in a 9/8 metrum. The other hand goes in 16th (i.e. 6 sixteenths per beat).

Entering the duplet using "command 2" produced two eighth rests. Entering a dotted eighth on the first of those rests left the second eighth rest unchanged such that a sixteenth appears to have been generated from nothing. However this duplet also did not fill the entire space of the 6 sixteenths in the other staff; the system appears to misread something.

I tried to reproduce the effect with a simple one staff "score" and there the duplet performs as desired. Two eighth rests form the duplet and entering a dotted eighth as the first note results in the dotted eighth note plus a sixteenth rest.

In my example I was able to fix things by using 4:6 tuplets, i.e. quadruplets of sixteenths rather than duplets of eighths. This way the spacing is correct and the dotted eighth plus sixteenth rhythm I need is produced as desired. If I were Elliot I would try this.

Duplicating the problem is simple as:

create new piano solo score in 12/8 time
fill first measure of left hand with 16th notes
create a dotted 1/4 note duplet
enter a dotted 1/8 note into duplet

results in corruption - 1/8 rest after dotted 1/8 note in duplet.

If you close and reopen the file it is reported as corrupted. "Expected 12/8 found 47/32 "

Also changing the dotted 1/8 note to 1/4 note changes the rest to a 1/16 rest.