How To Play Back With Different Instrument Sounds?

• Nov 20, 2013 - 08:11

I'm just learning. Wrote my first score yesterday, it's still not 100% finished. I'm copying the old standard 'It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing' just to help me come to grips with the prog.

I've started with a 'voice' manuscript (? is that what I should call it?).

Voice isn't good for that piece because of the many notes that are the same... 18 'C' notes one after the other...

I blundered around and once got it to play with a trumpet sound but can't find a way to repeat it - and when I did it that time something mysterious happened and I thought I'd lost everything for a minute there.

What is the easy way to play back with a different sound?

Or work around by, for instance, creating and/or saving the same score but scored for a different instrument?


The mixer is good if you want to change sound only. But if you truly wish MuseScore to act in all respects like you've changed instruments - including changing the names displayed n the staves, changing the transposition used when Concert Pitch is toggled, changing how it flags notes outside playable range, etc - then instead right click a staff and choose Staff Properties, then Change Instrument.

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