Musescore running really slowly after Mavericks update

• Nov 20, 2013 - 22:29

Just updated my Mac's OS to the current release (Mavericks) and Musescore is now really slow and laggy. Note entry takes considerably longer and scrolling through the slow is very choppy and slow. Curiously, I don't have any problems when I set my magnification to ~400%, but then I work with large scores alot so that isn't very optimal.

Any suggestions/help?


Can anyone else offer any advice? I'm in my third year of uni studying music and I sorta need Musescore to write my music for composition courses haha

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There have been a number of bug reports involving MuseScore on Mavericks that leads to me to suspect that even if you get past this slowdown, the frequent crashes will still prevent you from getting much done. It seems somethng in MuseScore - i'd be inclined to think it's the Qt libraries it uses - is just not compatible with mMavericks. Anyhow, assuming backing out of the upgrade isn't an option, I'd probably focus on finding a another computer to use with MuseScore until the compatibility issue ps can be sorted out (either by Apple releasing an update that improves backwards compatibility, or the next version of MuseScore comes out, which presumably will be tested and work on Mavericks).

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Hey Herr,

I'll keep an eye on this issue in particular. It may take some time though before we really find the cause of the problem. And as Marc explained, MuseScore is built with Qt. MuseScore stands on the shoulders of this project to offer platform independent releases.

Have you ever tried out the nightly build for the next MuseScore release? If not, you can download it via
Run it and tell us whether you have the same issue with this nightly build.

Note: the nightly builds are still considered unstable for serious work.

For the sluggish performance of MuseScore on Mac OS X Mavericks, could you try the following:

  • Start MuseScore
  • Click Apple > Sleep
  • Wake your Mac
  • Continue using MuseScore

Could you comment back if this solve the issue?

It has come to my attention that the latest Mavericks update (i.e. 10.9.2) may fix the sluggishness of MuseScore 1.3. It would be great if someone can confirm. This would mean that the "send the Mac to sleep" workaround is not needed anymore.

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I just installed the update 10.9.2 and I can confirm, that the "send the Mac to sleep" workaround is not needed anymore.
For large scores the note entry remains sluggish, but this may have other reasons (e.g. the internal use of data structures whose management becomes slow when they grow).

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