Keeps crashing when trying to open midi files

• Nov 24, 2013 - 02:29


The software systematically crashes without explanation as soon as I try to open a midi file. I have both the .mid and .kar version of the file, no luck with either. I'm running MuseScore 1.3 on Windows 7. I don't mind providing the files to the developer for troubleshooting, but they need to stay private.

Thanks for your help.

(btw - Your software is AWESOME.)


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It worked - Thank you! Only thing is that the lyrics became very... let's say... originals, but I only needed the music part, so I'm all good. I'll tell you if I find any more bugs in the Nightly Build - so far it looks mostly pretty.

Thanks for your fantastic work and fast reply :)

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It's supposed to be the lyrics from "Hallelujah" de Leonard Cohen. In the Nightly build, it looks like this:

I heard Da you
do It goes mi
baf lu lu
lu lu lu jah
say I if
to there's blaze
doesn ho lu
lu lu lu

... (and it keeps going along those lines)

On the other end I'm not the one who made the partition, so who's know, it might have been a work in progress and it could be normal.

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