TAB: Eighth note hooks misaligned in Bravura and Emmentaler

• Nov 24, 2013 - 13:16
S4 - Minor

Version 2b0cd5c, Windows (running Win7-64, Win7-32, Win Vista-32)

In this version eighth note hooks are misaligned in the tabulature vertically, no matter wether Emmentaler or Bravura is used. Happens in "TAB 6-str common" mode while it does not happen in TAB 6-str full" mode.

The Image shows an example using the Bravura font.

Sample score attatched.


Sample Score was intended, don't know how I managed not to load it up. So addionally the following: On the machine I am working on currently the phenomenon occurs no matter wether I use Emmentaler or Bravura and it affects all Hooks from 8th notes on down.



Beams are OK, TAB full mode hooks are OK too, not taking the leftish misalignment under Emmentaler into account, that's annother issue obviously.

From the user's side and point of view it looks as if one offset concerning the vertival positioning of hooks would be wrong whilst it is right when it comes to beams or it is calculated in the "full TAB" mode.

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TAB_hooks_Bravura.mscz 3.63 KB
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Status (old) active fixed

This appears to be solved by commit 7616e3b
Checked under Windows 8.1, commit 9d32a42

Please re-open if needed.
There is probably one bug left for vertical alignment in Emmetaler and Gonville, which I will report as a separate issue.