How to make underscore when entering lyrics

• Nov 24, 2013 - 23:54

I'm entering lyrics where a syllable extends for several notes. An underscore is usually used for this purpose. If I try shift-underline, MuseScore understands this as a hyphen, makes no mark, and moves to the next note. Any way to do what I want?


Hit the underscore again on the next note. The extender won't be visible until you it is actually needed, which doesn't happen until you actually get past past the next note. Think about it - what would it mean to have an extender on one syllable if there was actually another syllable on the next note? The extender doesn't appear unless the next note has no syllable either. So hit the underline once to get to the next note, again to extend the previous syllable through this note.

One more wrinkle on the extender issue: When using the extender on a hyphenated syllable through a tie, there appears to be an either/or situation: either I get the hyphen (but no extender) or the extender (but no hyphen). Suggestions? Thanks!

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