Printing an Album omits the last page

• Dec 16, 2013 - 15:08
S4 - Minor

I just discovered the Album functionality and this is really useful.

However, I'm seeing that when printing an album, the last page of each file is omitted and a blank sheet is printed instead.



I'm trying to debug this. So far, if I set the printing engine to always print page(0), it repeats that page N times if there are N pages. No clue yet as to why printing page(n) for n > 0 is blank.

Interesting. If I tell it to always print the last page via page =, I see:

- single page scores print 1 page correctly
- N page scores print N blank pages

OK - looking at the PNG generating code, I see that it does not offset the page contents by page->pos(). Sure enough, removing that from the album generation code fixes the blank non-zero page issue.

So, in album.cpp this line:

QPointF pos(e->pagePos() - page->pos());

should be changed to:

QPointF pos(e->pagePos());

Thanks. I was actually trying to get set up to submit that one - you beat me.

I guess I'll have to find another bug to fix ;)

No problem - thanks for submitting this.

I didn't want to attempt the preferences panel work, but I will try to post a one-liner when I get a chance.