Add font,size, & alignment to Text Properties

• Dec 20, 2013 - 23:42
S5 - Suggestion

Windows 7, GIT commit: f8187c9

I'm guessing there may be a reason why Text Properties lets you make a bunch of settings for unstyled text but does not include font, size, or alignment. If however there is no good reason, it seems those should be there.


Not sure about alignment but font and font size, it's because the text is unstyled! The whole purpose of having unstyled text is to be able to mix fonts, font size, font weight etc... so that they are not properties of the text itself but properties of fragments in the given text.

Ok, I was thinking it would also be a simple way to have one individual staff text (or whatever) be in bold, or larger, without needing to define a new text style for that. As it is, it feels a little odd that if you want to override position or frame, you do it in Text Properties, but if you want to override font, you do it in the toolbar. But not a big deal.