Chords don't work correctly anymore in latest musescore 2.0

• Jan 6, 2014 - 19:21
S4 - Minor

I try to enter a chord with the following keystrokes: Ctrl+k G 7.
Only a 7 appears, the G vanishes.


There have been no recent changes to chord symbol handling; I am guessing it is an installation problem. Like, maybe you are trying to run the mscore executable from outside the full install tree. What OS, what build version, and how are you installing it?

Gentoo Linux, the latest git master commit when I posted, I ran make release and executed build.release/mscore/mscore or something like that.

Status (old) needs info closed

Right, you will need to run make install after that to create the appropriate folder structure and run mscore from there, not from the build directory. Otherwise, a number of things won't be available - chord description files, templates, soundfonts, etc.

I'm closing this for now as I assume that's the issue, but if you do have issues after running make install and running from the installation folder, feel free to re-open and add more information.